So I’ve been climbing at the gym a lot lately. Mainly just some bouldering. I’m at the gym at least 3 days a week, I’m there so often that I have convinced my parents to let me buy a 6-month pass in order to save money. Basically a daily session includes an hour of bouldering, an hour of top rope, a half hour of bouldering, then traversing for an hour. Then I come home and do the typical hangboard sesh. The other day when I was at the gym I was talking with my buddy Andrew and we decided that we’re gonna go sport climbing with Torrey in the Delaware Water Gap. Not gonna lie, I’m extremely pumped.

First Post/Workout

First I just want to say that this blog is mainly for me to track my progress for my competition on November 17th. If you wanna check it out and use it to get in shape, cool. Just remember that this is all personalized for me. Now a little about me, I’m 5′ 9″ and 130 pounds. I have very little fat on my body, mainly just muscle. I’m a freshman in high school and one of only two actual climbers in my school. The other is one of my best friends, Torrey, who is a senior and my climbing partner. Today for my workout I did a set of 50 soccer ball push ups followed by a 2 minute break, then i moved onto fingertip pull ups. I did one set of 10¬†body weight¬†fingertip pull ups then I added ten pounds of gear and did another set of 10. I gave myself a 5 minute break then finished with a 10 minute hangboard session. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty pumped.